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1. a substance that causes a chemical reaction to happen more quickly

 2. a person or event that quickly causes change or action

This year's Luminosity is SOLD OUT!
Are you ready to wake up your inner light, and
become who you were meant to be?
October 18-23, 2017
Welcome to Santorini.

Are you tired of playing small; of people-pleasing, overworking, and undervaluing your need for a balanced life?

Are you an entrepreneur or visionary who knows how important self-care is, but sometimes get so busy you forget to actually do it?  

Do you want to create a future for yourself that is based on inspiration, not what you 'should be doing'?

Are you ready for a radical revolution in your life?

"You must be the change you want to see in the world.
As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”
Mahatma Ghandi
Have you ever met someone who seems
lit-up from within? 

They glow. 

They have an energy, a purpose, and a clear direction.

They radiate happiness, and their zest for life is infectious. 

We'd call them 'luminous'. 

You may even feel that way sometimes - but not as often as you'd like. Too often though, instead of feeling lit-up and inspired, we're seeing a drained face in the mirror. Our light is dim. We feel like we are spinning, and never taking action towards the BIG ideas.

We work ourselves into the ground, buried under the weight of the various pressures our lives hold, both real and imagined; and then wonder why it's hard to breathe. We know something needs to shift, but how, in the midst of all our obligations? 

We may have an idea about what we want to create - but somehow, it gets pushed back while daily obligations keep taking over.  

Maybe you know it's time. Your time to fully step into who you were meant to be. Luminosity is your keystone moment, your transformational ticket to a whole new life. 
Perhaps you are so tightly wound that you almost need permission to relax.

Perhaps you hadn't recognised that yet - but now that you think about it, you can see you struggle to allow yourself rest - and even with feeling tired, you still can't seem to get the most important things done. 

Perhaps you don't feel like you have had a successful day unless you have ticked every single item off of your substantial to do list.

Maybe you give and give and give, and then realise you have nothing left for yourself. 

Sometimes, responsibilities become a lot to bear, or your old patterns hold you back
from the most expansive 
expression of 
your life.

That's what we'll change at Luminosity. It's time for you - to become all that you want to be. Time to examine what holds you back - and craft a new, aligned future into the life you want. 

We understand it can be daunting to consider what you want, scary to think you might have been putting everything into a path that has ultimately taken you away from your true purpose, and sometimes even embarrassing - to admit to having wants, and needs, and desires.
Collaborative strength.
This retreat is about more than just you getting away, though that is vital. It's a high-level mastermind, where each participant has the opportunity to grow from the gifts of the others.

We also have daily sessions with Baji to tap into higher sources of wisdom, change and impact, and to support you in bringing the truest expression of yourself to life. 

We combine the collective force of people ready to make an impact and a difference, and unite for a common purpose. We give them space to rest, connect, and create, and work with both practical - and spiritual change - and watch amazing things happen.

Imagine what can happen when you combine the collective power of high-level change-makers with the clarity and power of spiritual transformation.

Magic. You, aligned with your highest calling and purpose. It's time. 


Waiting to tap
deeply into the 
guidance they
have within 
them. Ready to light up, and to become all that they are meant to be.  
"It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?"
Marianne Williamson
Why Luminosity?
  •  Luminosity pairs substantive spiritual change with real-world action and strategy, (because these things are not meant to be separate!) via sessions with your host, Baji.
  •  It provides concentrated, restorative and luxurious time away from pressures, obligations, stresses, and distractions – allowing for healing and rest at a deep and cellular level.
  •  This is an escape to an intimate setting, in a beautiful location. You'll share the space with just a small group of other like minded people, all needing some self-care, and all facing similar challenges. 
  •  It affords focused attention on your true purpose, and shines a light on the intentional path you need to venture down, in order to catalyze your potential and realise your aspirations.
  •  It offers the chance to join a community of extraordinary, supportive people, who understand the joys and challenges of being an accomplished entrepreneur and who have already achieved a certain level of success in their field. 
Luminosity will offer you...
  • Teaching Sessions customized to you and our group
  •  Daily Light Activation Meditations with Baji 
  •  Mastermind Sessions with the group
  •  All meals, made with healthy, nourishing, locally-inspired ingredients
  •  Time for relaxation
  •  Tools and practical tips you can take home with you
  • Guided exercises 
  •  Each day, a special gift, from organic skin care to custom-made journals, to 'leave it at home' items, all designed to remind you that self-care, nourishment, and care are an integral part of you having impact in the world
  • The chance to meet other amazing people— visionaries, entrepreneurs, healers, thought-leaders, and inspired souls who are here to effect positive change in the world
  • The chance to gather new understandings, insights, and ideas, and a new, more aligned way of looking at yourself and the world. You'll achieve clarity over your personal patterns
  • A plan for the next stage of your life that aligns with your soul, your heart, and your highest form of service
  • Teachings on how to be an effective spiritual activist
  • Tool and strategies that will support you long after the retreat is over
What's Included
  • Beautiful, nourishing, healthy and healing food. All your meals are included during retreat.
  • 5 nights and 6 days in a profoundly beautiful, spa-inspired setting for your retreat
  • Daily Light Activation sessions with Baji
  • Guided meditations
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Airport transfers to and from retreat 
  • Daily yoga classes suitable for all levels
  • Special Excursion
  •  All taxes, fees, lodging, and daytime meals are included in the price 
What's Not Included
  • Airfare, and your hotel stay before and after the retreat
  • Additional transportation
  • Meals outside of what’s listed
Glow from the 
inside out
with fresh, 
and healing 
A House for Friends
Part of an extra ordinary retreat experience is a special location. We've picked carefully to ensure your entire experience is exceptional. The luxurious Villa Filon, which translates to ‘House for friends’ is just that - small enough to be intimate, yet expansive enough to offer space for private time and processing. 

We’ve specially chosen this space for its generous offering of sumptuous yet authentic Greek style, and its unique location, with views from all sides. Every room is beautifully presented, complete with en suite, and a grand total of 5 terraces allows plenty of room for quiet contemplation of the panoramic sunset views. 

Daily Schedule
This is no push and burn retreat. Luminosity is intended to be a high-level experience with room for reflection, processing, and change.

That said - we'll have lots to do, and we'll go very, very deep together. 

From daily yoga sessions and walks, to Guided Masterminds and light-activation sessions with Baji - we'll spend our time in a carefully crafted experience designed to offer you deep, soul-level transformation. 

 We will share beautiful meals and evening sessions, with our activity consciously planned to help you open your heart, awaken to your highest purpose, and clear blocks - leaving you feeling refreshed, and with new clarity; enjoying a complete sense of peace.

We’ll concentrate on your total and absolute expansion and a new perspective about who you are in relation to the world; so you can bring your light forward, and also be 'lit up'. 

Less push, more flow. New insights, new energy, newfound peace.

You, glowing from within - so you can light up the world. 

Don't delay in signing up - we sell out fast. 

When: October 18-23,  2017
Where: Santorini, Greece.
October 18-23, 2017

$ 3495

Double Occupancy

$ 3995 

Private Room
Option One
Get Early Bird Pricing Now Until February 23rd when you purchase in full!
The cost of this life-changing retreat starts at $2475. Fast action yields powerful results. We’ve got limited spaces for this event, so please, if you're interested in attending, register now. From now until February 23rd, get special early-bird pricing!
Meet your host, 
Baji Grace
Mystic, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher & CEO

My form of spiritual teaching is real-world truth paired with experiental wisdom, mystical access and quantum leaps, grounded in practical, real-life knowledge you can take home with you. I work with frequency, insights and whatever gifts present themselves to me. 

What I believe I am made to do, and what I’m exceptional at, is this: awakening lightbringers (people here to affect positive change) to their highest selves. 

What I am privileged to see is the deepest sense of who you are - gifts and blocks both. It is YOUR awakening and healing I faciliate, your insights that are being activated. 

And the results are powerful. During events energetic transmissions are received which rapidly catalyze awakening. You'll leave changed - and ultimately, more yourself. I awaken you, at all levels of who you are - so you can be who you came to be. 

Our work bypasses cultural and religious traditions, and offers a clear vision of your unique potential, all held in abiding love and grace.
You'll know. See you very soon. 

Rediscover your inner luminosity in the beautiful Greek island of Santorini 
With its submerged caldera and towering cliffs, Santorini is the perfect location for Luminosity. 

The island promises friendly locals; cool and comfortable white washed buildings, and beaches of multi-coloured volcanic sand. Explore tumbledown markets, beautiful walks, and charming backstreets - while experiencing all that Luminosity has to offer. 
October 18-23, 2017

$ 3495

Double Occupancy

$ 3995

Private Room
Option One
Get Early Bird Pricing Now Until February 23rd when you purchase in full!
The cost of this life-changing retreat starts at $2475. Fast action yields powerful results. We’ve got limited spaces for this event, so please, if you're interested in attending, register now. From now until February 23rd, get special early-bird pricing!
You are made of stars. Light, finding a new voice.

Not sure if Luminosity is right for you? We want to make sure it's the right experience for you, too. 

Book in a brief chat with Baji to see if this retreat is your best fit by emailing [email protected]
What can I expect from Santorini?

We’re hosting this retreat in mid October, said to be one of the best months to visit - far from the madding crowd. Temperatures will still be warm, but traveling outside of peak times reduces the number of tourists you will be sharing your views with, whilst those views wont be any less beautiful. 

What happens if I can’t attend a retreat I’ve paid for?

Don’t worry. If you are unable to attend, for any reason, you can transfer your spot to a following retreat, as long as you use it within the next two years. You will lose any deposits already paid as this goes towards reserving your room, and will have already been paid for the accommodation, and so is non-refundable. 

What do I need to bring? 

When you reserve your place, you’ll be sent information with all the essential details that will get you seamlessly from your front door to your retreat.

Do I have to share a room? 

Private rooms are available at Luminosity. If you're someone who needs a lot of solo processing time, this is a good option. If you are a part of a couple, or coming with a friend or family member, and you choose double-occupancy, we’ll place you in a shared room with them. 

If you didn’t note this in your purchase, make sure you let us know this by emailing [email protected] 

Otherwise, we’ll use our discretion to assign you a roommate. We know some may find it disconcerting not to know in advance who they are sharing with. We are intuitive about who will be a good fit and this is part of the fun of the experience. 

Who can I speak to, to confirm Luminosity is right for me? 

The entire event is carefully organised from start to finish, and experts will be on hand every step of the way to ensure you receive only the best service, and get the most out of your experience. If you’d like to discuss the Luminosity retreat further, contact us. We also offer the option to set up an appointment to talk directly to a client who’s worked with Baji. Email [email protected]

What if I still have questions? 

Email any additional questions to [email protected]

Catalyst Retreat       March 28 - April 2nd, 2017        Bali

Your divine purpose 
is calling, and your 
tribe is waiting. 
Your time is now.  Join us.

DAY 1: Free your Inner Light
Day 2: Building Your Foundation
Day 3: Releasing the Shadows
Day 4: Calling in the Light
Day 5: Creating Your Future
Day 6: A Catalyst For Change

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